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Entrepreneurs that wish to further scale up their business, can benefit from the services offered by the IMP³rove Academy.

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Support Services Offered by IMP³rove Academy

 “We, IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy, define innovation as the successful valorisation of a new product, service, process, organisation or new business model which is new to a company, new to a market, or new to the world. In this context, we define success in terms of the innovation´s added economic value for relevant stakeholders in the innovation eco-system.

Our daily work is based on the conviction that innovation is manageable rather than a result of purely accidental circumstances. In particular, we believe that the crucial levers for an organization´s innovation success can be summarized in five innovation management dimensions captured by the A.T. Kearney House of Innovation. Our experiences with clients – may those be private or public organisations – confirm that the alignment and proper management of innovation strategy, innovation organization and culture, innovation life-cycle processes and enabling factors significantly enhance innovation results. Therefore, we consider this framework to be the leitmotif for our innovation management support services in order to effectively drive sustainable economic growth of organisations, regions and countries alike.” (Leitmotif of the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy (2016))

Service Overview

IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy offers innovation management support services on a global scale. With its holistic approach to innovation management, the comprehensive services offerings and the global network, it has set the standard for innovation management assessment and related support services.


IMP³rove Assessment

The IMP³rove Assessment gives a sober and clearly structured picture of companies innovation management performance in comparison to the competitors’ performance.

The IMP³rove Assessment helps companies to understand the key success factors of innovation management in 5 innovation management dimensions, namely innovation strategy, innovation organisation and culture, innovation life-cycle management, innovation enabling factors and innovation results. It is offered as an online questionnaire comprising 47 questions.

Once this questionnaire is completed, the company can request a customized, automatically-generated IMP³rove Benchmarking Report, which is available within maximum 30 minutes. The sample of companies included in the benchmarking process can be defined individually for each IMP³rove Assessment Report. So far more than 5000 companies around the globe have already benefited from the IMP³rove Assessment.

The IMP³rove Assessment at a Glance

  • Comprehensive assessment of a company’s innovation management performance
  • Comparison of own performance with average and the Growth Champions (10% fastest growing companies in sample) based on the world´s largest in-depth innovation management benchmarking database
  • Availability of the questionnaire and report in 10 languages (English I Spanish I French I German I Italian I Polish I Hungarian I Czech I Turkish I Arabic)
  • Objective evaluation of a company´s competitive innovation management positioning based on an international standard compliant approach (CEN/TS 16555 und CWA 15899)
  • Optional coaching and consulting support prior to, during, and after the assessment
  • Optional certification of an assisted IMP³rove Assessment by IMP³rove Academy


IMP³rove Training

IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy offers systematic training and certification in innovation management.

The IMP³rove Training curriculum is designed for effectively combining research and theoretical approaches with practical application in a professional environment.

The focus of the training curriculum is on innovation management, including general approaches to innovation as well as specific topics, such as innovation management consulting. Workshops on specific innovation management topics complement the training programme. All courses and workshops are also offered as in-house trainings.

Improve Training

IMP³rove Consulting

IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy has a large international network of experts that are uniquely qualified to support public and private organisations in gaining competitive edge by better innovation management.

Profound experience in managing innovation and in consulting and the clear focus on business impact differentiate the IMP³rove Consulting approach for private organizations.

IMP³rove Academy´s technical assistance to public institutions and associations covers the full range from design and evaluation of effective innovation polices to developing and launching innovation awards and establishing innovation eco-systems.

IMP³rove Consulting