CREATE - Assess your Entrepreneurial Skills:
Enterprise Assessment Tool for Entrepreneurs

Our totally revised and re-designed self assessment tool has been designed for budding and existing entrepreneurs in order for them to test their competences to determine their “entrepreneurial skill level deficit”, and as a consequence what further training they require. CREATE - More Details

Translation Opportunitites

The tool is currently only in English and is made up of 12 Sections, 52 Sub-Sections with 104 questions on which your entrepreneurial skill levels are assessed. Sections include Cultural Awareness; Finance Management; General Management Skills; Human Resources; Creativity; IT Skills; Legal Expertise; Logistics; Manufacturing Management; Marketing; Overseas/International Experience; and People Skills.

This self-assessment tool is an important element in the development of entrepreneurial education as it will determine the existing skill level of budding and existing entrepreneurs – which will assist policy makers and training institutions develop appropriate courses to meet the “competency deficits” identified by individuals.

CREATE is a unique self-diagnostic tool, developed with P4ACE, that allows you to evaluate your own competencies as an entrepreneur. By completing the assessment, you will get feedback on your capabilities and you will receive an individualized report that explains your strengths and identifies your training needs, and compares your competences against those in your Region and the rest of the World. Regions include: Africa, Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe, European Union, Middle East, The Caribbean, Oceania and South America.

The Foundation has built a database of training course providers that will be able to offer a range of courses that will help you meet any "competency deficits" that have been identified.

The assessment is one way to support you on your "entrepreneurial journey". For this reason, it’s important to be honest when completing the assessment to ensure your results are a true reflection of your abilities.

Translation Opportunities

If your organisation is interested in translating the assessment tool and, in partnership with the Foundation, promoting its availabilty in their own Country/language under licence, please contact us.

If you are interested in learning more contact Stephanie Sutton on